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tower crane

Good quality construction hoist for sales
Good quality construction hoist for sales
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tower crane

China C7022 tower crane factory

C7022 tower crane

C7022 tower crane Max load: 16 tons Tip load: 2.2 ton Jib length: 70 meter Mast section: 2X2X3 meter Mechanism: 75LVF40R,24RVF,X120K Read More
2014-08-08 15:25:15
China D120 luffing jib tower crane factory

D120 luffing jib tower crane

D120 luffing jib tower crane Max load: 8 tons Tip load: 2.2 tons Jib length:45 meter Mast section:1.6X1.6X3 meter Mechanism:60LVF20,9RVF,40BWZD Read More
2014-08-08 15:25:40
China D160 luffing jib tower crane factory

D160 luffing jib tower crane

D160 tower crane: Max load: 10 tons, tip load:3 tons, jib length: 50 meter Mechanism:75LVF25R,16RVF,40BWZD Mast section:2X2X3 meter or 1.6X1.6X3 meter Read More
2014-08-08 15:26:32
China M900 tower crane factory

M900 tower crane

SCM tower crane M900 Max load could be 32 tons and 50 tons Tip load is 11 tons. Jib length:70 meter Mechanisms are all frequency, they are 180LCC80,33DVF, 50 RVF, 37 TVF. Widely used for steel factory, power ... Read More
2014-08-08 15:30:02
China tower crane H3/36B factory

tower crane H3/36B

tower crane H3/36B, with max load 12 tons.tip load 3.6 tons, the jib length is 60 meter. mast section could be 2.5X2.5X3 meter and 2X2X3 meter. Max height could be 220 meter. More information,please contact us. ... Read More
2014-08-08 15:27:12
China tower crane C5015 factory

tower crane C5015

SCM tower crane C5015, with max load 8 tons,jib length is 50 meter, tip load is 1.5 tons. The mast section is 1.6X1.6X3 meter It's have stationary, travelling, and climbing. The machanism are 45RCS20,OMD and ... Read More
2014-08-08 15:30:40
China Tower crane F0/23B factory

Tower crane F0/23B

tower crane F0/23B, with max load 10 tons, tip load is 2.3 tons. The jib length is 50 meter. Mechanisms are 70RCS25,OMD,X96. could be stationary, travelling and internal climbing. If need price,please contact ... Read More
2014-08-08 15:31:23
China luffing jib D320 factory

luffing jib D320

SCM luffing jib tower crane D320 Max load: 20 tons Tip load: 5.5 tons JIb length: 55 Meter Mast section: 2X2X3 Mete Mechanism: 120LVF100 120LVF70 RCV185 More information and details,please contact us Read More
2017-04-01 08:56:56
China D360 factory


SCM D360 tower crane Max load:20 tons Tip load: 2.8 tons Jib length: 60 Meter Mast section: 2X2X3 Meter Mechanism: 150LVF100 102DVF70 RCV185 More detail,please contact us Read More
2017-04-01 08:51:10
China H3/36B factory


H3/36B tower crane Max load: 12 tons JIb length: 60 meter Tip load: 3.6 tons Mast section:2X2X3 meter Mechanism:75LVF30R,6DVF,24RVF,TR443 Max height:220 meter Read More
2017-03-29 10:10:39
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